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Episode 2: Engineering Solutions in Healthcare

Episode 2: Engineering Solutions in Healthcare

September 7, 2020

In this month’s episode we focus on Healthcare, and how engineers and the medical technology they design and use, is changing the way we keep society living long and healthy lives.


Helen puts global healthcare demand and the medtech industry into context, discussing the size and scale of the markets and the impact technology is having on our growing and ageing populations.  She also highlights some of the advances in the latest tech from around the world and what engineers are doing to overcome some of the major healthcare challenges facing society. 

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Carly turns the tables on Helen, whose day job is in the medtech industry, and interviews her about the issues facing the UK’s NHS. They discuss UK Government strategies on technology adoption and what kind of technology will have the most impact on patient care in the future. 

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Jo Young, Healthcare Science Advisor for Health Education England chats with Helen about the workforce pipeline for clinical engineers in the NHS and how opportunities for careers in healthcare engineering are growing at a rapid rate.  Jo shares her thoughts on why STEM education is so important and why the latest healthcare engineering reports published by the IMechE are key to raising the profile of engineers in the healthcare and medtech sectors. 

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