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Episode 4: The Future of Electric Vehicles & Batteries

Episode 4: The Future of Electric Vehicles & Batteries

November 2, 2020

Episode 4 – The Future of Electric Vehicles and Batteries


In this month’s episode we will be focusing on Electric Vehicles and batteries; the challenges and opportunities electrification brings and what the future holds for EV technology. 


Helen talks with Williams Advanced Engineering Technical Director Paul McNamara about the up-coming IMechE International EV Batteries 2020 virtual Conference which will be held on the 11th and 12th of November. Paul is chair of the event and shares some of the exciting topics up for discussion, which include the challenges of transport decarbonisation, hybrid solutions, supply chain, battery cell sustainability, and life cycle management of battery materials. 

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Helen is joined by Stakeholder Engagement director at the Advanced Propulsion Centre, Philippa Oldham to discuss her role in bringing together organisations from across the transport industry to develop innovative strategies for EV integration. She shares her thoughts on the growth of the UK EV market, government strategies on funding and emissions targets and some of the opportunities in recycling over the coming years.

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Actor, Fully-Charged Host and passionate EV enthusiast, Robert Llewellyn talks to Helen about his love for science and engineering and what lead him to advocate for clean energy and EVs. Helen and Robert discuss the outcomes from Tesla Battery Day, the opportunities for vehicle to grid charging, UK government policy on electrification and EV city planning. 

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Episode 3: Engineering Careers at the COVID Crossroads

Episode 3: Engineering Careers at the COVID Crossroads

October 5, 2020

This month’s episode is brought to you by the IMechE’s Young Members Board. The YMB represents the interests of over 69,000 young members from a broad range of industries and specialisms. The YMB works to ensure that the young member’s voice is heard and considered in all areas of the institution.

Your host is Ying Wan Loh, an IMechE chartered engineer and IET Young Engineer of the Year 2019. She is the professional development standards committee rep on the young members board.

In this month’s episode Ying explores three topics:

  • Challenges facing new workers
  • Furloughed and unemployed - tips to getting a job
  • The unsure worker - the importance of reskilling and training

With focus on engineering careers in the context of Covid-19.  She explores challenges and opportunities for young graduates and new workers, how to mitigate the impact of furlough and unemployment and provides some tips for those who are currently employed but thinking of other opportunities ahead.

Ying’s guests include:

Amar Gohil – Graduate Engineer WMG University of Warwick

Alan Carroll – Director Stratus Recruitment Ltd

Matthew Laskaj – Director Project Engineering Management Ltd & IMechE Scottish Region Chair


Challenges Facing New Workers

Ying discusses the challenges and opportunities faced by fresh graduates and new workers. The panel discusses how COVID-19 will change recruiting practices, how to ace online/phone interviews and how you should prepare for them, advice for fresh graduates looking for their first job, and those considering a PhD or further education.


Furloughed and Unemployed - Tips on getting a job

Ying explores how those at home on furlough might be feeling unsure or even nervous about their continued employment. The panel discusses whether gaps in your CV can put you at a disadvantage, advice on how engineers can structure their day to maximize their chances to get back into work and which engineering sectors may see major growth post-COVID.


The Unsure Worker - The importance of reskilling

With uncertainties in the job market, many are re-thinking their career options. Ying discusses working from home, professional development, online training and diversity and inclusion in the workplace, how people can continue to develop themselves professionally, how recruiters are ensuring a fair recruitment process in the light of the pandemic. The panel also discusses the benefits of professional accreditation, online Masters and Doctorates and the opportunities of developing entrepreneurial skills.


The IMechE offers a number of careers advice routes for those looking for job opportunities and CV development.  For members and their families, the Institution also has a Support Network. Useful links below:


Membership Surgeries are being held weekly across the Regions. They are free events online allowing you 1-2-1 time with an IMechE Business Development expert.

Visit the IMechE Near You page for your region 


The EngRec Live 2020, is a virtual careers and learning event for graduate and young engineers taking place 30th October. It is the UK’s first multi-sector virtual careers fair for the early careers in the engineering industry.

sign up at


If you have been impacted by the COVID crisis or any of the issues discussed in this episode, please reach out to the IMechE Support Network. They offer personal and practical support for members and their families. They can help with everything from employment coaching and CV writing, resources for dyslexia and autism, to debt advice, financial aid and counselling. If you wish to know more, please call on 020 7304 6816 or email

Episode 2: Engineering Solutions in Healthcare

Episode 2: Engineering Solutions in Healthcare

September 7, 2020

In this month’s episode we focus on Healthcare, and how engineers and the medical technology they design and use, is changing the way we keep society living long and healthy lives.


Helen puts global healthcare demand and the medtech industry into context, discussing the size and scale of the markets and the impact technology is having on our growing and ageing populations.  She also highlights some of the advances in the latest tech from around the world and what engineers are doing to overcome some of the major healthcare challenges facing society. 

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Carly turns the tables on Helen, whose day job is in the medtech industry, and interviews her about the issues facing the UK’s NHS. They discuss UK Government strategies on technology adoption and what kind of technology will have the most impact on patient care in the future. 

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Jo Young, Healthcare Science Advisor for Health Education England chats with Helen about the workforce pipeline for clinical engineers in the NHS and how opportunities for careers in healthcare engineering are growing at a rapid rate.  Jo shares her thoughts on why STEM education is so important and why the latest healthcare engineering reports published by the IMechE are key to raising the profile of engineers in the healthcare and medtech sectors. 

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Episode 1: Energy and Sustainability: Will the Global Pandemic Change the Way We Use Our Resources?

Episode 1: Energy and Sustainability: Will the Global Pandemic Change the Way We Use Our Resources?

August 3, 2020

In this month’s episode we focus on energy and sustainability and how the on-going global pandemic is changing the way people think about energy use, resources and materials.  


Helen puts energy sustainability into context; reviewing the world’s energy consumption in 2019 and which countries are making the most effort to go 100% renewable in the next 5 years. In a look at world-wide initiatives to drive sustainability, Helen shares some of the ‘good news’ stories from organisations and communities doing their bit to reduce resource consumption. 


Helen has an in-depth chat with two entrepreneurial women in the energy sector; Drs Laura Bishop and Kerry Mashford OBE, both of whom are IMechE members and recently women’s engineering society top 50 women in energy winners. They share their thoughts on sustainability, the built environment, careers in the sector and engaging society in energy programmes. 

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IMechE Policy Officer Carly Nettleford chats with Helen about the IMechE’s Low carbon, local energy report, one year on from its publication and whether anything has changed in the interim. Carly discusses some of the initiatives underway in the UK. 



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IMechE Impulse to Innovation Podcast Trailer July 2020

IMechE Impulse to Innovation Podcast Trailer July 2020

July 20, 2020

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) is launching its first Podcast on the 3rd August 2020.

On the first Monday of each month we will be posting a new themed episode with news, interviews and stories from around the world, hosted by Chartered Engineer and IMechE member Dr Helen Meese.


Take a listen to the trailer to find out more about the August show, which will be focusing on Energy Sustainability and what this will mean to the world following the Covid pandemic.


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