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Episode 1: Energy and Sustainability: Will the Global Pandemic Change the Way We Use Our Resources?

August 3, 2020

In this month’s episode we focus on energy and sustainability and how the on-going global pandemic is changing the way people think about energy use, resources and materials.  


Helen puts energy sustainability into context; reviewing the world’s energy consumption in 2019 and which countries are making the most effort to go 100% renewable in the next 5 years. In a look at world-wide initiatives to drive sustainability, Helen shares some of the ‘good news’ stories from organisations and communities doing their bit to reduce resource consumption. 


Helen has an in-depth chat with two entrepreneurial women in the energy sector; Drs Laura Bishop and Kerry Mashford OBE, both of whom are IMechE members and recently women’s engineering society top 50 women in energy winners. They share their thoughts on sustainability, the built environment, careers in the sector and engaging society in energy programmes. 

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IMechE Policy Officer Carly Nettleford chats with Helen about the IMechE’s Low carbon, local energy report, one year on from its publication and whether anything has changed in the interim. Carly discusses some of the initiatives underway in the UK. 



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